A Human Natural History – Aritist Edition Book


Artist’s Edition of 50, signed and numbered. All available books have been purchased.

Completed in 2011 this project was originally conceived of as a book, consisting of 21 10.5/10.5 inch and 7 21/21inch ink drawings and corresponding text. These drawings were exhibited and sold at art fairs and eventually displayed as the full series at the MOCCA (Museum Of Contemporary Canadian Art) in 2011. It is only now, 10 years later, that this project has taken it’s originally intended form as a book. Printed in 2021 as an artist’s edition of 50 signed and numbered 93 page full colour books. All drawings are printed in the book at the size of the original artworks, with the 7 21/21inch works spread over 4 pages each plus the full image.

All within the circle of willis: A human natural history is an anthropomorphized exploration of the evolution of animal forms throughout deep time. Beginning with the formation of the earth 4.5 billion years ago we follow the development of life on earth from a human perspective. Each drawing has a nude human figure as a reminder that any imagined reconstruction of the past, in any form, is the product of our human imagination no matter the depth of research or perceived objectivity. Consisting of 3 eons 9 periods, 9 epochs and 7 punctuations; this journey through evolution culminates with the emergence of Homo Sapiens and their relatives 1.8 million years ago.

Since the creation of this work a second book has been completed and will be available in the near future. All Within the circle of willis: An ontological history. The second book is a direct continuation and consists of the same number of drawings and text exploring the development of human societies from an ontological western perspective. Beginning 1.8 million years ago and ending in our present age.