Coloring Set

A Human natural history:
Adult coloring set


A set of twenty archival black and white line drawing prints and a high res cover page with all twenty full color images, made by Image Foundry. In addition to the set of prints we are offering a free AR app made by Mark Bland that allows the viewer to see the original color version of the artwork through your phone screen. Individual signed and editioned archival prints of each image are available here.

A human natural history represents the idea that all of evolution is present in the human experience. This series of drawings depicts a chronology of twenty geological Eons, Eras, Periods and Epochs beginning with the Archean Eon approximately four thousand million years ago and ending with the Pleistocene Epoch. The images are a dense mixture of life that existed and evolved through these periods of deep time on planet Earth coupled with a nude human figure in each. The human figure being a reminder that in any imagining of the past, it is our human imagination that turns a few fossils and paleontological morsels into a picture of a world. The act of colouring these imagined worlds adds to the experience of manifesting the work of thousands of scientists, natural philosophers and one artist into the unique object that you create as the colourist.

Augmented Reality Companion Color APP

AR color APP lets you see the full color original artwork through the lens of your phone camera while you look at the black and white line drawing prints, before you color.



IMPORTANT: You will need to manually allow permissions for the APP installation. This APP does not access or save personal or private information from your phone and is safe to use.